Prime Minister Jean-Michel Lapin resigns

Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin confirmed his resignation Monday after three failed sessions in the Senate for the presentation of his general policy.  

“I made a choice for Haiti,” Lapin said. 

Lapin was appointed Prime Minister on March 21 by President Jovenel Moïse after the dismissal of the government of former Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant by the Chamber of Deputies. During his short tenure, Lapin was unable to pass the stage of Parliament. Continue reading

Negotiations to elect a new Prime Minister continue

Political negotiations continue in Haiti in regards to a view in forming both a new government and selecting a new Prime Minister after Jean Michel Lapin confirmed his resignation Monday.

President Jovenel Moïse met with the President of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies at his private residence in Pèlerin Sunday to discuss the choice of a new Prime Minister. Continue reading

Three-month period granted to Haitian migrants in Chile for their regularization

The Chilean authorities have granted a 90-day period (until 22 October 2019) to Haitian migrants to regularize their situation said Bocchit Edmond, the incumbent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mae) on his Twitter account Monday.

Haitian migrants now have until October 22 to regulate their status which would make 179,000 total in Chile. They were initially threatened with deportation if they failed to report by July 22.

“130,000 of our compatriots are already registered before the deadline,” said Edmond at a press conference last week. Continue reading

No massive deportation of migrants according to John Resignac

According to John Resignac, one of the leaders of the Haitian community of Spring Valley, New York, the massive deportations of illegal migrants announced have not materialized in recent days and suggested that the operations carried out by the ICE police officers are part of the regular operation of the administration and that U.S. President Donald Trump is using it as part of his policy.

Resignac says that the threats of deportation directly affect the 2 million migrants already having an appointment in the judicial system but recognizes that the Trump administration may extend evictions to other migrants whose regularization process is ongoing. The deportation process costs about $20,000 per migrant. Continue reading

755 firearms were destroyed by the Haitian National Police in two years, says head of the PNH

Michelangelo Gideon, the head of the Haitian National Police, 370 firearms of different calibres were wiped out during a ceremony held on July 18. As of July 2017, three 385 weapons had already been destroyed. In total, seven hundred and fifty five revolvers of various calibres illegally held by citizens who have disappeared from circulation.

“It’s not much you say. But, this number is significant,” he says.
The ceremony was organized at the National Police School in the presence of the American ambassador to Haiti Michele J. Sison, the special representative and head of the UNMISJUSTH Helen Meagher Lalime, members of the national commission disarmament, dismantling and reintegration (CNDDR) and human rights activists. Continue reading

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