Raped, widowed, homeless: Haiti’s slum women abandoned to gangs

As the first bursts of gunfire rang out, the women from La Saline slum grabbed their kids and fled for cover.

Shootings are common here, but this time, there was no outrunning the full-on battle between five rival gangs in the heart of the Haitian capital. Continue reading

UN Secretary General denounces a “potentially explosive” situation in Haiti

UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres: “urges all stakeholders to overcome their differences in order to allow the establishment of a government that is ready to focus on structural reforms and the provision of services to the people of the world. Haiti, which is the first to suffer from the instability,” he said Wednesday in a report addressed to the Security Council.

“It is also essential that the situation in Parliament returns to normal and that Parliament is able to adopt essential texts,” he added, describing a “potentially explosive” situation because of the deterioration of the conditions, economic and security in Haiti. Continue reading

1,698 children vaccinated during the MSPP vaccination campaign in Cité-soleil

The vaccination campaign in Cité-Soleil which was launched by the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), ended on Wednesday with 1,698 children receiving vaccinations. These children received vaccines against measles, rubella and poliomyelitis and also received vitamin A. From July 15 to July 19, the MSPP planned to immunize at least 1.5 million children. Continue reading

Citizens organization denounces persistent impunity in Jeremie

The Citizens’ Organization for a new Haiti (OCNH) recommends to the Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) to launch an investigation on cases of corruption and impunity growing in the jurisdiction of Jeremie in Southwest Haiti. 

“The Cspj must identify the corrupt and punish them according to the law,” said Me Camille Occius, general coordinator of Ocnh.

The application of the principles of the rule of law requires sanctions against the corrupt, said Ocnh, at a press conference Thursday. They also took the opportunity to denounce the illegal release of Pastor Onold Petit, guilty of rape on a 14-year-old minor who became pregnant thereafter. Continue reading

Gédéon wants to fight against the rising number of illegal firearms

Police chief Michelangelo Gideon announced the intensification of the fight against the increase of illegal weapons. He promised to shift his focus on the networks of firearms traffickers who are the main beneficiaries. According to Gideon, weapons released into the wild in defiance of a battered country can be returned against anyone, anytime.

Statistics show that there are more than 250,000 firearms in circulation and that number is growing. As of Thursday, 370 weapons were destroyed by law enforcement officials. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Haiti crowns bets to 2019 Miss Universe, Miss International

The 2019 Miss Haiti pageant concluded on July 18 with the crowning of the Caribbean country’s representatives to two of the Big5 pageants.

Gabriela Clesca Vallejo was crowned Miss Universe Haiti 2019. The 25-year-old model and Bachelor of International Development and Civil Law graduate will head on to compete at the 2019 Miss Universe contest. Continue reading


Haiti among 17 Countries that Has Entered All Pan Games

Haiti is one of the 17 countries that has entered athletes in all the Pan American Games since its first edition in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Of those 17 nations, only Haiti and Nicaragua have not won a gold medal. So far, Haitians have won seven medals, two silver and five bronze, and stand 31 in the continental ranking by nations, preceded by Virgin Islands and Barbados with 15 and 10 medals, respectively, and followed by Dominica with three. Continue reading

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