Residents of Port-au-Prince, Haiti stand in line for gasoline as Haiti’s political crisis disrupts the daily life of many Haitians while enduring the long wait and lines for gas and water throughout the capital city on Sunday, February 17, 2019.


Haiti’s government is hurting for cash. It just hired yet another lobbyist in D.C.

The country’s designated prime minister still can’t get confirmed. Civil servants and diplomats in its foreign embassies aren’t getting paid. And hospital staffs are dealing with rolling blackouts and a dire shortage of blood .

Despite the ongoing turmoil, however, Haitian officials appear to once again be more concerned about their image in Washington. Continue reading

Haitian Parliament to build $89 million structure to house legislature 

A building of about 40,000 square meters that will house the legislative palace that was the site of the former parliament destroyed by the earthquake will cost $89 million. The construction of the building will spread over 36 months, according to Clément Bélizaire, General Manager of the Construction and Housing Public Buildings Unit (UCLBP). 

According to Bélizaire, the institution he runs launched the project because the building is classified under the national security label that allows the state of emergency to jump the locks of a traditional procurement. 

“The bidding process was special because we could not disclose the plan of this strategic building to everyone,” he said. Continue reading

Journalist harmed in latest string of attacks on media

Journalist Kendi Zidor was attacked Tuesday evening by individuals who were riding in motorcycles in Delmas 60. Zidor was unharmed in the attack after the individuals opened fire on his vehicle after he refused to stop at their request.  Continue reading

Gangs disrupt courthouse

The judges sitting and standing, bailiffs, clerks and other members of the apparatus as well as lawyers and litigants are on the alert at the Palais de Justice in Port-au-Prince as there have been heavy gunfire from armed gangs.

Government commissioner Paul Eronce Villard stated that he has taken steps to strengthen the courthouse’s sub-office and has deemed it necessary to have 30 police officers with adequate equipment in order for the courthouse to be a safe environment. Continue reading

CRLDI employees demand 26 months of salary

On Monday, employees at the Arcahaie Identity Receipt and Delivery Center blocked trucks using the national road number one at Robert and Carrefour Bois. Employees of the CRLDI began the strike by demanding 26 months of salary arrears, letters of appointment and better working conditions. Continue reading

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