President urges parliament to vote on the government

President Jovenel Moïse pressed parliament on Friday to promote the resumption of a normal life for various sectors of society as well as to ratify Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin.

“The establishment of the government will allow the political system to go back to governing to, among other things, unlock billions of international partners who are waiting for the vote on the budget bill dusted in Parliament. This money is needed for financing agricultural, electrical and health projects,” he said. Continue reading

United States Embassy in Haiti worried about illegal travel

The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince has expressed their concerns regarding Haitian migrants traveling illegally to the U.S. and warns about the dangers they may face.

“The dangers of these trips at sea are multiple. Boats intercepted by the US Coast Guard and its partners are often extremely overloaded, of poor quality and lack safety equipment. These boats are often operated by smugglers, who show little, if any consideration for the lives of Haitians when their only interest is to make profits. It is known that smugglers do not hesitate to throw passengers into the sea or abandon their ships. In some cases, they are in fact traffickers of people who exploit migrants by indulging them in servitude, sexual exploitation or other criminal activities,” according to a statement released by the embassy.

Just last week, a group of 10 Haitian migrants were intercepted off Boynton Beach in Florida. Continue reading

Women have become collateral victims of gang wars in La Saline

For women living in La Saline, a poor neighborhood in Haiti, they have suffered great loss at the hands of the gangs fighting over its territory with their husbands being killed in the crossfire and protecting their children at all costs. The 5,000 residents living in the area are constantly under threat of violence. 

In November 2018, five armed gangs clashed for more than 14 hours. In their investigation report released in June, the UN reports at least 26 are dead and 12 were missing while Haitian human rights organizations report the death toll to 71. Continue reading

Tribute held for late Haitian Historian 

More than a hundred people, including students from academia and Haitian civil society, took part on Saturday in a tribute to famous Haitian historian Michel Hector, who passed away on July 5 in the auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the State University of Haiti (Ueh). 

Hosted by sociologist and historian Sabine Manigat, the three-hour ceremony was an opportunity to honor Hector for his achievements in the field. 

“He has pleaded and fought for an inclusive society that meets the values ​​advocated and defended by the Haitian revolution,” said Ueh deputy rector Hérold Toussaint. “By highlighting in all his writings the anti-colonial, anti-slavery and anti-racist dimension of the Haitian revolution, he could not fail to vigorously defend any social project based on national and social integration.” Continue reading

Video of Haitian woman abusing her mother goes viral

A video showing a Haitian woman mistreating her elderly mother shocked internet users on July 8 as she accused the lady, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s of stealing a ring. Since the release of the video, an action for abuse and violence against elderly people has been launched against Marie Emmanuela Charelus who has reportedly been dismissed from her job. Continue reading

Health & Science

Thousands of Undocumented Haitian Immigrants in New York to Receive Access to ‘Guaranteed’ Health Care

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to provide quality health care to all New York City residents regardless of income and immigrant status through his NYC Care Card initiative, which will start on Aug. 1 with a rollout in the Bronx.

This program will close the gap for the 300,000 New Yorkers who are ineligible for health care and will have a huge impact on both the documented and undocumented Haitian community throughout New York City. Continue reading

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