Every year the Haitian diaspora sends home remittances that account for nearly a third of the country’s total gross domestic product (GDP). Competition is scarce among transfer services, and many impose steep fees on those sending money and goods abroad. Yet one Haitian entrepreneur is looking to shake up the marketplace.

Rudy Rocourt is the founder of Jetli Transfer, a service that allows people to purchase goods such as food and electronics online and have them delivered to recipients in Haiti. Working in the financial sector in Port-au-Prince, Rocourt witnessed firsthand the crucial role remittances play in the local economy and decided to tap into the multibillion-dollar industry in a way that would benefit Haitians both locally and abroad.

“We want to empower and drive local businesses to have more of a presence with the Haitian diaspora,” Rocourt said. “The goal of this is to empower remittances for the development of the country.”

Roucourt’s long-term vision is to build a gig economy around these remittances.



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