President of Taiwan to visit Haiti this weekend

President Tsai Ing-Wen of Taiwan will be visiting Haiti on Saturday as part of her tour of the caribbean. The visit comes more than a year after President Jovenel Moïse traveled to Taiwan to establish diplomacy and friendship.

According to a statement from the National Palace: “The two leaders will thoroughly discuss bilateral Haitian-Taiwanese relations and especially investment opportunities in different fields.”

The Taiwanese President will be accompanied by her Secretary General of the National Security Council, David Lee, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and Minister for Overseas Communities Wu Hsin-hsing, as well as other ministers. and deputy ministers, deputies and business leaders. Continue reading

President optimistic that a government will be formed soon

President Jovenel Moïse expressed his optimism that a new government will be formed as soon as possible Tuesday at the National Palace during a meeting with three players from the Haiti national team.

Moïse unveiled the latest consultations aimed at forming a government three months after the censorship of Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant President Moses despite a majority in parliament. This time, the president is convinced that he’s on the right track since the negotiations are done in conjunction with the leaders of parliament. Continue reading

Clash between gangs in La Saline

Clashes between gangs in La Saline turned deadly Wednesday as death tolls range from four to more than a dozen civilians and merchants. The ongoing gang war between La Saline and Bois d’Orme has taken a toll, as both seek control of the principal market of the capital.

The recent surge in gang violence comes days after the publication of a report by Minujusth on the November 2018 massacre at La Saline where a UN delegate was suspected of being involved in the planning of the violence. Continue reading

The Bar Council of Port-au-Prince intends to purge the bar

The Council of the Bar Association of Port-au-Prince will be taking steps to verify the authenticity of the files of the judges and lawyers registered with the bar in hopes to be above suspicion.

“The file of certification of lawyers at the bar of Port-au-Prince remains for us a great concern because, we hear that some lawyers do not meet the substantive conditions to practice the profession. Rumors suggest that their papers (Bac 1, Bac 2, or license) are not regular,” says Stanley Gaston, the head of the bar association.

Gatson also points out that suspicions of irregularities do not concern members of the bar of its jurisdiction. Continue reading

United States donates equipment to the OPC and the PNH

Michele Sison, the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, delivered a batch of health services equipment to the Office of Civil Protection and the Hospital of the National Police of Haiti in Bon Repos Wednesday.

Donations from the Department of Defense’s humanitarian assistance program included operating tables, hospital beds, generators, emergency equipment and a military truck. Dozens of beds, operating and treatment tables and additional equipment were also donated to the National Police Hospital.

“In anticipation of the upcoming USNS Comfort Naval Ship mission to Haiti in November, we hope that these generators and health-care equipment can be used to provide medical care to the Haitian population,” Sison said. Continue reading


Online Marketplace Looks to Connect Diaspora With Haiti

Every year the Haitian diaspora sends home remittances that account for nearly a third of the country’s total gross domestic product (GDP). Competition is scarce among transfer services, and many impose steep fees on those sending money and goods abroad. Yet one Haitian entrepreneur is looking to shake up the marketplace. Continue reading

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