Official 2019 exams are on the right track

The first day of the official exams throughout the country began on Monday without major incidents occurring, easing the fears of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training. 

Approximately 150,000 candidates took the baccalaureate exam. “Everything went well across the country,” said MENFP Communications Manager Miloody Vincent. Continue reading

Haiti tourism recovering very slowly, Minister of Tourism says

Marie-Christine Stephenson, the Minister of Tourism, says that the situation regarding tourism in the country is “still very fragile” five months after the peyi operation lock that had devastating effects. The lock provides caution to those wanting to travel to Haiti due to risk of kidnapping among political unrest. 

“Since my arrival on that date, there has been a big loss for the tourism industry. We had the travel warning which went to 4, big shocks for the industry with occupancy rates [hotel rooms] extremely low, close to zero, in some regions and overall between 3 and 4% in February,” she said. Continue reading

In Verrettes, girls are being sold to men as concubines

In the commune of Verrettes, some parents offer their daughters to men during exchanges at variable interest rates in the hopes of both ​​perpetuating a regional tradition and make a profit on the sexuality of their children to ease their economic hardships.

In this region, many female children aged 14 and over become concubines in accordance with the demands made by the men who choose to “buy” them. According to residents, there is a “special” procedure where the prospective person can proceed to the booking of a teenager. As a result, almost all girls between the ages of 7 and 8 are already in the hands of “buyers” who will pick them up as soon as they are “ready.” Continue reading

Grenadier players welcomed at National Palace following Gold Cup

Three Grenadier players were welcomed at the National Palace Tuesday at the invitation of President Jovenel Moïse. Duckens Nazon, Donald Guerrier and Steven Saba were praised by the president for helping lead Haiti to the semifinal.

”Thank you for making us proud at the last edition of the Gold Cup”, Moïse said to the players.

Moïse invites Haitians to follow the example of these players who have shown unity and solidarity during the 25th edition of the Gold Cup. Continue reading

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