Sandra Maurice, 36, General Manager of COPVEPA, Cooperative de Producteurs de Vetiver de Port Salut et d’Arniquet – holding recently harvested vetiver roots. COPVEPA is one of six vetiver cooperatives in the area working to improve and systematise the harvesting of vetiver, so as to generate greater profits and also improve the sustainability of the sector.

By Delfine Kernizan

In recent years, Haiti has earned its spot in the international beauty industry as one of the leading suppliers of natural extracts and oils used in skin, health and dietary regimens. Beauty brands like Kreyol Essence and Okay have helped popularize Haitian national treasures like castor oil and the new-kid-on-the-block— moringa oil. 

However, what’s the newest best-kept beauty secret to come straight out of Haiti? Haitian vetiver oil. 

Haitian vetiver oil is known to have a wide range of applications in mental and cognitive health, aromatherapy, skincare and cosmetics. As the movement towards natural ingredients in skincare products grows and health-conscious consumers urge brands to prioritize organic manufacturing, many brands have turned to Haitian vetiver oil as an additive for the moisture, calming aroma and highly sought-after anti-aging qualities it provides. 


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