Historic Gold Cup campaign shows bright future for Haiti

PHOENIX, Arizona – After a historic 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup campaign in which it reached the semifinals for the first time ever, the future is most definitely bright for Haitian football.

Les Grenadiers proved to be the revelation of the tournament, completing a perfect group stage campaign with three wins, followed by a comeback 3-2 quarterfinal victory versus Canada in which it faced a two-goal deficit at halftime, making it Haiti’s third comeback win of the tournament.

In light of Haiti’s 1-0 extra time defeat to Mexico in Tuesday night’s semifinal, it is also worth remembering that Haiti did not concede a single second half goal in the 2019 Gold Cup.

It all feeds into the idea that this Haiti team, with an average age of 24.33, is on its way to bigger and brighter things.

“I’m feeling proud for what the players achieved in the last several weeks and tonight,” said Collat in his post-match press conference.

“We played to our potential and we just need to improve our forward play because we missed some players, but I applaud my players and it proves Haiti had a fantastic tournament in reaching the semifinals,” added Collat.

Haiti’s emergence started a long time before the 2019 Gold Cup.

Last September Haiti kicked off its 2019-20 Concacaf Nations League Qualifying slate with a 13-0 win over Sint Maarten before finishing with a sparkling 4W-0D-0L record, with 19 goals scored and two conceded, earning a first-place finish in CNLQ. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
Jul. 08, 2019

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  1. Fritz says:

    The fact that nothing has been said about the crooked referee’s allowance of a penalty kick to the mexican squad when facing Haiti and no mention of Haitian players in the best 11 squad either at the goalkeeper or defense position show that the CONCACAF is a seriously corrupt organization. It favors the heavyweight Mexico and the United States and will shamelessly cheat to keep these countries on top.

  2. Justin says:

    You guys failed to say how the refs took away the game from Haiti and handed it over to Mexico… Why bother play the game if we can’t make it to every nation???

  3. Jocelin says:

    Everything is almost about money.
    If Haïti had won the semi final , they would have to reimburse the tickets already purchased by the Mexican fans and supporters ..Haïtians fans are in minority. Mexico had sent a referee to the Qatar soccer tournament last time, and the next world cup will be in Qatar .Haïti also an African team.

  4. Wilner says:

    Yes I was very upset about it too. It’s time for justice for Haitians. If the can’t give God will end the world before time and everything will be done

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