United States concerned about lack of government

The U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary-General (PDAS) at the US Department of State’s Western Hemisphere Affairs Office, Julie Chung, completed a 48-hour mission Wednesday in Port-au-Prince. Chung maintained that the: “United States remained committed to democracy and reinforced that the search for solutions to the current political and socio-economic stalemate in Haiti must be a process led by Haitians.”

She met with President Jovenel Moïse, Senate Speaker Carl Murat Cantave, Speaker of the House of Deputies Gary Bodeau and representatives of Haitian political parties and civil society to understand the challenges of forming a government as well as obstacles to the advancement of the national dialogue. Continue reading

CSCCA members have reportedly left Haiti in the aftermath of petrocaribe report

Members of the Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA) have reportedly fled Haiti after receiving threats ranging from strangers to those in vehicles in the midst of the most recent release of the petrocaribe report. 

Armed men attempted to remove two auditors and a driver from the Superior Court of Auditors as the team was traveling on June 3rd to an audit mission to the National Airports Authority. The Haitian National Police was informed of the situation but have struggled to take any accountability for the situation. Continue reading

Government’s efforts to eliminate human trafficking is not enough 

According to a report from the U.S. Department of State, the Haitian government has failed to meet minimum standards to combat human trafficking in key areas. The government has not initiated criminal proceedings in recent cases of alleged official complicity and also has not allocated sufficient funds to its anti-trafficking or victim services efforts and has not implemented standard operating procedures for victim identification.

“The government is short of staff and resources to inspect workplaces for indicators of forced labor. The government has not provided anti-trafficking training to its diplomatic staff. The government has not made any effort to reduce the demand for sex trade or forced labor,” according to the report. Continue reading

Countries concerned with creation of BINUH

Several countries including: France, Germany, China, Peru, Russia and the Dominican Republic have expressed reservations with regard to the creation of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (Binuh). 

The representative of Peru said that the resolution did not mention neither the roles of the Peacebuilding Fund and the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti, which could contribute to the efforts of the UNHIN, nor the “high vulnerability” of Haiti facing climate change. The German representative expressed concern that this would only create new conflicts in its territory. Continue reading

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