(L-R) Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte, Mark Meyer Appel of the Bridge Multicultural Project, Councilwoman Farah Louis at last night’s victory party in Brooklyn.
Photo credit: Mark Wright

By Jonathan Greig

Farah Louis won a hard fought victory in the special election last month for the 45th district’s city council seat and did it again last night, winning the Democratic primary race for the same position. The win all but secures Louis as the district councilwoman for the next four years. 

“A Unified 45, A Unified 45,” Louis roared as the crowd welcomed her to the microphone at her election party on Tuesday.

“This election was about the residents of the 45th district. This election was about my vision — and our vision — for the future of our community. I am proud to be the people’s choice.”

Louis won 50.3 percent of the vote on Tuesday, more than seven points ahead of her main opponent and bitter rival Monique Chandler-Waterman. The win comes a mere month after Louis won by an even bigger margin in a special election to replace famed former district councilman Jumaane Williams.

All of the candidates who ran in the special election also ran in the primary, but Louis had already cemented herself as a boots-on-the-ground councilmember in just a few weeks on the job. 

“She is already doing incredible work,” said 44th district Councilman Kalman Yeger. 

“[Councilman] Haim will tell you, they’ve already worked together to address traffic situations. She’s already signed on to bills that I’m presenting in the council to make life better in the community. She’s hard at work. My parents live in the 45th District. I wouldn’t give you a councilmember I didn’t trust.”

Last month, Louis managed to win a tough, acrimonious race against a crowded field, securing nearly 43 percent of the vote in the special election to choose Williams’ city council replacement.

More than 4,500 45th District residents voted for Louis in a race that was initially prompted by William’s win in another special election to select a new Public Advocate. Williams himself was replacing Letitia James, who won her race to become New York’s Attorney General last year. 


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