Organization of American States proposes an audit commission on Petrocaribe

Carlos Trujillo, a delegate from the Organization of American States (OAS) suggested Thursday during talks that there should be an audit commission regarding Petrocaribe in addition to renewing support for President Jovenel Moïse. The proposal could be seen as a reasonable alternative in hopes of finding a solution for the current political crisis. Continue reading

UNESCO director demands investigation into murder of journalist

Director-General of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Audrey Azoulay is calling for an investigation regarding the murder of Haitian journalist Rospide Pétion, who was killed on June 10.

“I condemn the assassination of Rospide Pétion,” she said in a statement released June 18. “It is essential to investigate the violence against journalists and bring their perpetrators to justice to defend freedom of expression and freedom of the press.”

On June 17, a silent march featuring journalists took place in honor of Pétion where they seeked an answer to his murder. Continue reading

World Bank considering single currency for the Island

Haiti and the Dominican Republic may be using the same currency if the World Bank has its way. According to world bank officials, a monetary and economic union would be beneficial for both countries to the point where such a union would affect transaction costs and strengthen trade by reducing exchange rate uncertainty.

However, the world bank has not mentioned whether the gourde or the peso would be used as its primary currency. Continue reading

The Sofa organization denounces a double standard policy affecting the international community in Haiti

The feminist organization Solidarite fanm ayisyèn (Sofa) is calling out foreign countries over their treatment of Haiti, calling it “humiliating and disrespectful” while simutaniously telling citizens to take control of their future.

“Countries, so-called friends of Haiti, like the United States of America, force us to accept the practices, which they condemn at home,” the organization said in a statement to AlterPresse.

They have also expressed grief over the call for dialogue in regards to the political crisis demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse. Continue reading

Haiti advances to the Gold Cup quarterfinals

The Grenadiers secured a spot in the quarterfinals Thursday with a 2-0 victory over Nicaragua well before their final group stage match against Costa Rica. A 32nd minute shot by Derrick Etienne Junior allowed Haiti to never look back as the Haitian defense remained strong. Continue reading

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