Organization of American States attempts to diffuse political crisis in Haiti

Carlos Trujillo, a high-level delegate of the Organization of American States (OAS) visited Haiti Wednesday at the request of the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs in hopes to facilitate dialogue between President Jovenel Moïse and those who demand his resignation.

Foreign Minister Bochitt Edmond, who sent the letter to Trujillo said: “The visit is a fact-finding mission.”

The OAS previously attempted to mediate conflict in the country in 2004 but it ultimately led to the ousting of then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Continue reading

Petrocaribe amnesty plan turned scandal amplifies

The secretary general of the Rassemblement des Démocrats Progressive (RDNP), Eric Jean Baptiste, denounced the draft amnesty for some political leaders Wednesday which was planned by the four senators of the radical opposition.

The revelations of an amnesty plan involving Petrocaribe funds has become a hot topic of debate over the current political crisis and whether such a scenario should be considered.  Continue reading

Radio Télé vehicle targeted in Turgeau Wednesday

A Radio Télé vehicle was targeted in Turegeau Wednesday morning as unidentified individuals threw stones. In the car were four journalists plus the driver when one of the stones making contact in the front window of the vehicle. They inside did not sustain any injuries.

The attack is one of several against the media in the past two weeks who have been accused of supporting President Jovenel Moïse. Continue reading

Author Dany Laferrière crowned “Guardian of the Book”

Dany Laferrière was crowned “Guardian of the Book” Tuesday during the ‘Books in Madness’ event due to his “invaluable contribution to the cause of reading, the book and literary creation.” The organizers of the event took the opportunity to thank all the authors, publishers and booksellers who made the event possible for thousands of attendants. Continue reading


Is Haiti a Failing State?

Is Haiti a failing state? Or is it, as they say in French, “a la dérive?” The expression more accurately depicts what is happening in Haiti, providing the image of a drifting vessel at the mercy of currents, moving toward an inevitable disaster. Continue reading

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