State Unable to Pay its Employees

Employees of the Directorate General of Taxes have been on strike since the beginning of June, claiming that they have not been paid by the state since May. The strike comes as the government faces another wave of Petrocaribe protestors and economic instability.

According to the Minister of Economy Ronald December, the movement has completely paralyzed the operation of the General Administration of Customs and has resulted in negative effects in the economy. Continue reading

Pro-PHTK Demonstration Canceled Due to President’s Tweet

Supporters of the Haitian Party Tet Kale (PHTK) canceled a demonstration Tuesday that would’ve demanded a fair trial regarding Petrocaribe after President Jovenel Moïse tweeted that there should be peace in a time of turmoil.

“What we need most today is serenity, peace and unity,” he wrote.

The demonstration was allegedly cancelled due to rumors from militants and Moïse’s supporters that there would be a bloodbath. Continue reading

Congressional Lawmakers Denounce Haiti Violence

“We are extremely troubled by news reports coming out of Haiti that describe a country in a state of emergency as protests continue and at least two lives have been lost. Congressional lawmakers have made several trips to Haiti and have witnessed firsthand the devastating toll that natural and manmade disasters have taken on the island nation and its citizens. We must do all that we can to ensure that Haiti does not become a failed state as this crisis unfolds. Continue reading

25th Edition of ‘Livres en Folie’ Features a Wider Variety of Literature Than Before

The 25th edition of Livre en Folie kicked into gear Monday with a selection of 178 authors in signature and 1,821 titles available in addition to featuring special guest Dany Laferrière. The event is being held despite the current turmoil in Haiti.

“I can confirm that Livre en Folie is the largest literary event in the Caribbean,” Laferrière said. “I travel around the world, and it’s very rare to have such an amazing variety in a literary fair. Moreover, this collaboration from all sectors, including the public sector and the business sector, proves that we are worthy of the path of the book in Haitian history.” Continue reading

Haiti Native Reflects on Role as Acting Mayor of North Miami Beach, Florida

When Paule Villard, 58, became acting mayor of North Miami Beach in November 2018, she was the first woman of Haitian descent to ascend to the position. Vilard is a native of Saint-Louis du Nord in the northwestern portion of Haiti.

Her goals including helping the young Haitians achieve their potential and realizes that being acting mayor involves being proactive.

“An assistant mayor can no longer sit idle,” she says. “It must struggle to find durable solutions that can tackle the most common problems such as drug abuse, for example.” Continue reading

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