The United States has called on Haitians to respect the rule of law on the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country even as President Jovenel Moise is scheduled to meet with various stakeholders later on Monday to discuss the way forward.

Moise has planned a meeting with representatives of the trade union movement, religious, academic, as well as civil society organisations among others as opposition forces continue to demand his resignation from office.

The US State Department said that there was need for a fully functional government, noting that ‘only a legally constituted government can submit a long-awaited budget and pay attention to the key issues faced by the country such as corruption, electoral reform, insecurity and economic growth.

“We encourage legally elected representatives to engage in a sincere and inclusive dialogue that can lead to a consensual strategy for the future of Haiti”.

“The United States strongly encourages citizens, political parties and civil society organisations to express themselves peacefully and recommend a responsible exercise of this civic right,” Washington said, noting that democratic changes must be made through the ballot box.

Last week, the United Nations Economic and Social Council’s Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti, said it is concerned about the deteriorating socio-economic and political situation in the country. Continue reading

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