Petrocaribe Protestors Surround Buildings Near the National Palace

In an attempt to get President Jovenel Moïse to resign, protestors have been circulating the buildings near the National Palace in Port-au-Prince to express their dissatisfaction over the Petrocaribe report.

“We are very pleased to see that the population really understands the struggle we are waging today, a fight against the system,” said Stevenson Moses of the Nou p ap dmi group.  
Since Sunday, protestors have erected barricades, with stones, at the Avenue Monseigneur Guilloux (downtown), temporarily paralyzing vehicle traffic in addition to throwing stones at police. Continue reading

IMED Requests a Petrocaribe Trial

The Mobile Institute of Democratic Education (IMED) mentioned Wednesday in a press release that a Petrocaribe trial should take place to hold those involved in mishandling those funds accountable. The Institute also expressed their concerns about the crisis affecting the country and the government’s inaction as the number of violent acts committed on its citizens increases. Continue reading

Haitian and Dominican Entrepreneurs Meet in Attempt to Strengthen Economic Relations

Haitian and Dominican entrepreneurs met Wednesday during the U.S.-Carribbean conference in Port-au-Prince to discuss ways to improve the relationship between the two countries. They discussed cross-border issues, trade and the promotion of foreign direct investment.

The meetings are an initiative by U.S. ambassadors to foster collaboration between Haitian and Dominican entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Haiti Prepares for its Seventh Gold Cup Appearance

After not participating in the last edition of the Gold Cup, Haiti seeks to make its presence known by qualifying for the second round. The team’s head coach, Marc Collat, seeks to win with players who are expatriates. Continue reading

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