Protesters Burn Tires, Block Roads In Haiti, At Least 1 Dead

Thousands of protesters denouncing corruption blocked roads and paralyzed much of the Haitian capital Sunday as they demand the removal of President Jovenel Moise. At least one person was reported killed. Continue reading

One person killed in PetroCaribe demonstration

A man was killed on the sidelines Sunday during a demonstration in Port-au-Prince where thousands of Haitians were calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moses for his involvement in the PetroCaribe scandal. The man received a gunshot through the chest as violent clashes broke out between protestors and police near the presidential palace.

The demonstration is the latest in the year-long protests in Haiti regarding embezzlement and accountability. Continue reading

Armed Men attempt to Kidnap three employees of the Court of Auditors

Armed men attempted to kidnap two auditors and a driver from the Superior Court of Auditors, as they were traveling on June 3 to the National Airport Authority. The operation failed due to police intervention nearby.

The attempted kidnapping arised in the midst of the recent release of the PetroCaribe report in late May. Continue reading

Former Drug Control Brigade Boss Arrested in the U.S.

Joris Mergelus, a former boss of the Drug Control Brigade was arrested at the Fort Lauderdale Airport last week in the U.S. His arrest was due to a violation where he wasn’t allowed to leave Haitian soil without the authorization of the Director General of the PNH.

Mergelus allegedly received money from illicit narcotics trafficking, drug traffickers that’s part of an ongoing investigation. Continue reading

Ongoing instability in Haiti causes sale of Dominican eggs to decrease

According to Manuel Escaño, the president of the Association of Egg Producers in the Dominican Republic, 36 million eggs, which is considered as 20 percent of the national production in the Dominican Republic, are currently estimated at 18 million in the Haitian market due to socio and political instability.

“With the devaluation of the gourd resulting from the crisis that they live, they are forced to buy an egg with the same amount with which they used to have two,” he said.

Escaño encourages the government to use more chickens and eggs for breakfast and lunch at school to make up for the deficit. Continue reading

Demonstrators Call For Resignation Of Haiti President During Sunday Protest

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Port-Au-prince Sunday, June 9, 2019, to demand the resignation of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise and an end to corruption. At least one person was shot and killed. Burning tires could be seen throughout the Haitian capital. Continue reading


Could the PetroCaribe scandal be the end of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse?

On May 31, 2019, Haiti’s High Court of Auditors released a 600 plus-page report as a deeper audit regarding the mismanagement of the PetroCaribe funds. The corruption scandal surrounding PetroCaribe, a regional energy programme orchestrated by Venezuela and intended to provide petroleum products to Haiti under preferential treatment, was at the heart of violent protests that threatened to cause President Jovenel Moïse’s downfall this past February. Continue reading


Caroline Cohen Speaks to The Haitian Times About Running For Civil Court Judge and What that Means to the Brooklyn Haitian Community

Caroline P. Cohen announced in March that she was running for the Democratic nomination for Civil Court Judge in Kings County’s 6th Judicial District after years as a resident of the district and decades as a litigator. Continue reading

Haitian-American Teen Rowing Career Is Just Getting Started

Gabrielle Amato’s blossoming rowing talent is difficult to ignore. As the Miami native is wrapping up her junior year of high school through an online school program (she plans on re-enrolling at Miami Beach Senior HS for her senior year) that helps her keep up with her studies as she trains for rowing competitions, she has achieved more than a teenaged girl could imagine. Continue reading

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