Haitian migrants in Chile could face deportation under new initiative

A new migrant policy seeking to regulate the number of migrants who come to Chile may be deported if they do not legalize their status by July 22. The policy affects the 179,338 Haitians currently residing in Chile, where they make up the largest population of foreigners in the country.

So far, 1,393 Haitians have voluntarily returned to Port-au-Prince due to another initiative by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera in an effort to curb immigration. Continue reading

Former Head of the National Police of Haiti Shot Dead in Pétion-Ville Region

Ramus Sainvil, a lawyer and former head of the National Police of Haiti (NPH) was shot dead Thursday by two gunmen riding in motorcycles in Pétion-Ville. He was shot three times where one of the bullets landed in his mouth.

Sainvil’s death marks the second time in a week where an officer was shot dead. Continue reading

Clashes Occur in front of Parliament

Clashes between police and protesters broke out Thursday in front of the legislative palace over conditions regarding Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin’s general policy. Stones were thrown and police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the protestors. Continue reading

Woman becomes first Haitian-American to get a PhD in African Studies at Cornell University

Marsha Jean-Charles became the first person of Haitian descent to receive a PhD in African studies at Cornell University May 25. During her time at the University, Jean-Charles produced a thesis that focuses on the socio-political and cultural analysis on five, post-September 2001 Haitian and Haitian-American writers and their fictional works.

She was inspired by Edwidge Danticat who wrote the semi-autobiographical novel Breath, Eyes, Memory.

“It was the trigger for my personal sociocultural and political awakening,” she said. “Often, for the marginalized, literature is one of the few places where people see each other and feel understood.” Continue reading

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