Demonstrations arise in wake of Police Inspector’s Death

Juvénat residents have taken to the streets to protest the death of police inspector Alix Jean René less than a day after his assassination outside the Sainte-Thérèse gas station Sunday afternoon. René is the 15th police officer killed since the beginning of 2019. Continue reading

Students, Politicians, Human Rights Defenders Say ‘No” to Rape on Campus

On Sunday, the streets were packed with a peaceful demonstration that raises awareness of rape among female students on campus. There were several slogans including: “Ladies do what you want with your bodies without worrying.” Continue reading

Chamber of Ministry have yet to approve Prime Minister’s Policy Brief

There has yet to be a ratification date for Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin’s policy brief. Currently, 13 of the 18 chosen to be in the cabinet have not been approved, further sending the government into turmoil. Continue reading

International Film Festival was in Full Swing

The Nouvelles Vues Festival, an international film festival running from May 22 to May 26 in Port-au-Prince, has been featuring a jammed-packed schedule consisting of thirty films, a Friday night DJ set by Gardy Girault.

The festival, now in its third edition, seeks to create awareness of Haitian cinema. Continue reading

Diaspora Group Proposes Solution To Haiti’s Energy Challenges

More than 2 million people live in Haiti’s three northern departments. However, they have access to just 33 megawatts (MW) of installed electricity capacity. To put this into perspective Jacques Bingue said a mid-sized city like Pittsburgh, in the highly developed United States, needs about 800 MW. Continue reading

New Initiative Looks To Drive Growth In Haiti’s Private Sector

The U.S. government, through USAID, launched an initiative to attract private capital and credit for small and medium sized enterprises across Haiti. The Haiti INVEST project will create a facilitation platform to mobilize financing for investment in high potential sectors in Haiti, such as agriculture. Continue reading


Preparing For The Rainy Season In Haiti

Most Haitians are no stranger to the country’s sometimes brutal rainy season. The majority of the land is vulnerable to natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, particularly between April and October. More than 93% of the country and over 96% of the population have been exposed to natural disasters in recent years.  Continue reading

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