Haitian heritage, history fill Norwich’s streets

Revelers outfitted in red and blue packed several downtown sidewalks and streets Saturday as the city’s first official Haitian Flag Day event roared to life. Continue reading

Jovenel Moïse Appoints 18 Ministers to Fill out his Cabinet

President Jovenel Moïse and Prime Minister Jean-Michel Lapin announced Wednesday that 18 ministers have been appointed to fill vacant seats. The announcement marks the third decree the president has made in less than two weeks in an attempt to establish a stable government. Eight of those who were selected were previously censored by Chamber of Deputies in March. Continue reading

Marriott Hotel to be Built in Cap-Haitien

In an effort to increase tourism in Haiti, $19.5 million will go to construct a Marriott Hotel in the city of Cap-Haitien according to David Bohigian, the executive director of Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Bohigian visited the country earlier in the week to discuss ways to promote investments and economic development throughout the Caribbean. Continue reading

Educators Honored by The Ministry of Education for National Teacher’s Day

Fifty people were honored by the Ministry of Education for their contributions in education. The educators honored have been working for over 20 years in hopes of shaping the minds of generations to come under harsh conditions and in areas of deep poverty. Continue reading

New Haitian Soap Opera to Premiere this Saturday

The Haitian Cinematographic and Cultural Association (Accha) announced that a new soap opera “ELLES,” will premiere on May 25 and will consist of three seasons and 60 episodes. Véronique Cadet, who contributed to the screenplay, hopes the show will highlight the culture and the country’s tourist sites.

There will also be a red carpet event prior to the premiere where the public will get to watch an advanced screening of the soap opera. Continue reading

South Florida

How can Miami residents help preserve Little Haiti’s culture? We put together some tips

That’s the question from reader Michael Mercury Pearson that won the most number of votes, which means we’re answering it for you today.

Here are some of our recommendations for getting involved and supporting Little Haiti’s culture: Continue reading


Brockton marks Haitian Flag Day with a hearty ‘Bienvenue!’

Dozens of people wearing the red and blue of the Haitian flag gathered at the Kennedy School to celebrate Haitian Flag Day on Monday evening.

The celebration continued Tuesday morning around Brockton City Hall. The holiday commemorates the creation of the Haitian flag on May 18, 1803, during Haiti’s war for independence. Continue reading

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