Haitian Times Morning News Roundup

Haitian Times News Roundup – May 21


Haiti President Denounces Haiti’s Private Sector Monopolies

President Jovenel Moise criticized the “monopolistic practices” of Haiti’s elite, citing their grip on the country as a major culprit of the country’s current crisis.

“We need to adopt provisions to end the monopoly in several sectors,” he said, further adding that the public needs to come together to push back against the elite’s control of the private sector. Continue reading

Court Clerks Threaten to Strike

Clerks working in the Ministry of Justice and Public Security are threatening to strike on Thursday and Friday of this week. They’re calling for better working conditions, better pay and continuing education. Continue reading

Haiti Justices Strike in Week-long Protest

Officials of the Professional Association of Magistrates (APM), the National Association of Haitian Magistrates (ANAMAH) and the Association of Justices of the Peace (AJUPHA) are striking in a week-long protest, calling for reforms within Haiti’s justice department. Their grievances include, corruption within the department, better working corrections and back pay. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

How Nasrin Jean-Baptiste Went From Styling Alicia Keys to Making Handwoven Bags

Before Nasrin Jean-Baptiste started her own business, she asked herself one question: “Without fear, what am I capable of?” The former stylist for Alicia Keys always had the urge to create something from scratch, and after giving birth to her first child—an experience she said was “transcendental and gave me a glimpse of how powerful I could be”—Jean-Baptiste felt ready to finally pursue her own creative venture. Last year, she began the conceptualization process for her collection of bags, called Petit Kouraj. Continue reading

Health & Science

Pen Ak Kafe: A Discussion on Mental Health in the Haitian Community

The Haitian Flag Day Planning Committee of NJ, Inc. (HFDPCNJ) is hosting its 2nd Annual Pen Ak Kafe: A Discussion on Mental Health on May 21 at the Shear Ambition Barbershop & Beauty Salon in Elizabeth, NJ. Continue reading

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May. 21, 2019

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