World Bank Approves $ 162 Million for Haiti

The World Bank approved $162 million in funding for three projects aimed at improving education, access to primary health care, and risk and disaster management in Haiti. 

“These three projects are targeting national priorities to build a better future for all Haitians,” said Anabela Abreu, World Bank country director for Haiti, quoted in the statement. “Access to quality health care and education is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty and generating stronger human capital so that Haitian children can reach their full potential. The World Bank’s support will also help build climate resilience against the growing threat of natural disasters by strengthening early warning systems and disaster preparedness in high-risk climate zones.” Continue reading

Haitian Asylum Seekers in Canada Tripled in Two Years

The number of Haitians seeking asylum in Canada has tripled in two years, and peaked in August 2017 following President Donald Trump’s decision not to renew Temporary Protected Status for Haitians. 

Applications received by the Canadian government increased from 16,058 in 2015 to 50,389 in 2017. Of the 50,389 applications received by Canada in 2017, 12,234 were accepted, 10,930 were rejected, and 27,225 are still pending, according to Statistics Canada data. Continue reading

New York

Louis Joins Growing Haitian-American Population In Politics

In the special election to fill the New York City Council seat left vacant by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, former Williams staffer Farah Louis emerged victorious, proving that she didn’t need the endorsement of her former boss to win. But Louis’ election also suggested that the political power of Haitian-Americans is steadily growing in New York. Continue reading


Crowds Celebrate Haitian Culture At Annual Parade

As clouds cleared out and sunshine filled the city Sunday afternoon, crowds of people waved flags and cheered in Mattapan to celebrate Haitian-American and the Caribbean country’s culture.

“At the beginning we thought the rain was going to change everything, but in the end we didn’t have any rain and we could really enjoy it,” said Wilner Auguste, one of the founders of Haitian-Americans United Inc., which organizes the annual celebration. The event included a parade Sunday afternoon and a flag raising at City Hall on Saturday. Continue reading

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