Acting Haiti prime minister tapped for permanent post

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse has tapped a longtime government bureaucrat, who once served as a courier in public administration before rising to the job of culture minister, to lead his third government in two years. Continue reading

Contentious Race To Replace Jumaane Reaches The Final Stretch

The election to replace Jumaane Williams as councilmember for the 45th District has reached a fever pitch as we get closer to the May 14 poll date.

Six candidates — Monique Chandler-Waterman, Farah Louis, Jovia Radix, Xamayla Rose, Adina Sash, and Rickie Tulloch — received public matching funds for their campaign but Louis and Chandler-Waterman have emerged as the frontrunners, racking up big name endorsements across the district in the weeks before the election. Continue reading

53 Alleged Members of Anel Joseph’s Gang Arrested

Fifty-three alleged members of Anel Joseph’s gang were apprehended Thursday by police in the North Department of Haiti. According to police, they found a 45-caliber pistol among the detainees and notes with contact information of the Joseph’s second in command. Continue reading

Haiti National Soccer Team Heads to Jamaica

The national soccer team traveled to Jamaica to take part in the 2019 CONCACAF Champions League. The eleventh edition of the competition takes place from May 10 to 17 in Kingston. Continue reading

Washington DC Think Tank Issues Recommendations to Fight Smuggling in Haiti /Dominican Republic border

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) issued four recommendations to officials on how to fight smuggling between the two countries. The suggestions include regular meetings between officials from both countries and prioritizing customs reform in Haiti. Continue reading

Tabbare Mayor Nice Simon Appears In Court For Assault Case Against Ex

The assault case between Tabbare Mayor Nice Simon and Yves Léonard was heard in the Court of Appeals on Thursday. Simon, who is well-known for her role in the movie I Love You Anne, claims she was assaulted last year by the father of her child, who denies the allegations. Continue reading


Repeating History? Race for Brooklyn’s 45th District and the Haitian Vote

On Tuesday voters in the 45th District will head to the polls to vote for the next person to lead the district following Jumaane Williams victory in the public advocates race. The election has been ugly, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering it’s a characteristic trait of politics. However, what I find especially surprising and disappointing — even more so than the manipulative tactics, shaming and outright bullying and intimidation of candidates in this race — is the lack of unity in a community that from the outside looking in appears to be unified. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

World Music Institute celebrates Haitian Heritage Month

World Music Institute presents a collaboration between Haitian songstress Emeline Michel and one of the island nation’s most popular recording artists, Mikaben, in a concert celebrating Haitian Heritage Month. Continue reading

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