Farah Louis
By the Editorial Board
Jumaane Williams’ victory in the public advocate race in February opened the doors to a mad rush of candidates looking to fill the seat of the former councilman who represented Brooklyn’s 45th District. The district, which includes a large population of Haitian immigrants, encompasses Flatbush, East Flatbush, Marine Park, Midwood, Flatlands, Ditmas Park and Kensington.
In total, eight candidates are vying for the position, with many of them with their own strengths that would position well in the City Council. However there is only one candidate who has the proven record and experience of working not only in the community, but also the familiarity and understanding of the intricacies that comes with effectively representing a community on the local level.
Farah Louis has worked in the 45th District in various capacities for more than a decade. She’s been a community organizer, advocate for the underserved and a leader within City Council, where she served the district in a number of positions while employed by former Councilman Williams. Her firsthand experience working in all aspects of running a district — from constituent services, to community outreach, to budgeting and legislation — positions her as best apt to continue servicing a community that she’s lived, worked and thrived in for years.
There’s no denying that Louis will be able to hit the ground running as councilwoman and her impressive list of endorsements prove as such.  She’s secured endorsements from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Kings County Democratic Leader Frank Seddio, the United Federation of Teachers, and DC37 to name a few.
Where there would be a learning curve for any other candidate, there would be none for Louis. Her relationships in City Council, the mayor’s office and with various city agencies, coupled with her understanding and familiarity of council process and inside politics, maximizes the impact she’d have in serving the district compared to her competitors who have little to no experience working in this capacity.
As Williams’ former deputy chief of staff (and budget director and community outreach director) she can figuratively and literally pick up where Williams left off.
The issues facing the 45th District are too pronounced and urgent to allow allegiances to dictate the fate of thousands of people who are in desperate need of impactful leadership. The Haitian Times proudly endorses Farah Louis, who has proven her dedication, passion and support of a community that needs her knowledge and expertise now more than ever.

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