New Foundation to Modernize Higher Education In Haiti

Various officials at higher ed intuitions and the Ministry of National Education convened at the Marriott on May 8 to discuss challenges facing the higher education system in Haiti, and to also identify a common vision that will guide reform in the sector.

“The time has come to take a lucid, serene, demanding look at the higher education sector, to start doing what needs to be done to make the university fit for the needs of society,” said Professor Edgar Prévilon, secretary general of Council of Rectors of Regional Public Universities. Continue reading

85 Percent of Graduate in Haiti Eventually Leave the Country

According to the the director of the regional office of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophone, Saulo Neiva, 85 percent of the country’s graduating eventually leave the country for socioeconomic reasons, but also because of cultural perceptions of success in Haitian society.

“On the one hand, we understand what is happening in the minds of these young people for various reasons. There are real socio-economic difficulties. It’s difficult to find a job, and to create and run a business for various reasons. There is also a cultural factor. People are raised thinking of leaving (going to another country) as a sign of social success,” he said during a higher education summit. Continue reading

Six Arrested in Forgery and Counterfeit Operation

Police arrested six people for their ties to a counterfeit operation where individuals were forging official documents and checks, Haitian National Police Spokesman Garry Desrosiers said during a press conference on Tuesday. The case is still under investigation. Continue reading

Special Reports

Hundreds of thousands of Haitian children suffer in slavery – and women play a key role in perpetuating the system

One afternoon in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, sitting on the back of a motorcycle-taxi stuck in traffic, I was absently staring down a wide unpaved side-street when the small figure of a young girl came into focus. Her silhouette was boldly present against the sunlight behind her and the pale, dusty haze that swirled around her. She was carrying a huge bag on her left shoulder, and her body contorted to support its weight. Continue reading


Marti aiming to be first skier from Haiti to compete at Winter Olympics in 2022

Celine Marti has set her sights on becoming the first skier from Haiti to compete at the Winter Olympic Games when Beijing plays host in 2022. Continue reading


Skip Marley, Damian Marley Explore Miami’s Little Haiti in ‘That’s Not True’ Video

Skip Marley, grandson of Bob Marley, cruises through Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood in the reggae artist’s low-key video for “That’s Not True,” his collaborative track with his uncle Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Little Haiti Cultural Complex Celebrates The Impact Little Haiti Has On The Arts,Culture, Local Economy and Political Landscape

May is National Haitian Heritage Month. This month is a time for Haitian-Americans across the city to honor their heritage and culture. Continue reading

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