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Volunteers Participate in Annual ‘Nap Bale’ Clean Up Initiative in Haiti

The third edition of the initiative “Nap balé” to clean up Port-Au-Prince, took off on Avenue John Brown on April 28.  For the past three years, a neighborhood in Champ de Mars and Delmas benefitted from the project. The aim of the initiative is to encourage Haitians to develop their patriotic spirit. The”Nap balé’ project set up three years ago by As-Lash, is a partnership with the Mario Bregart and Saniclean Foundation, Several Haitian artists and public figures are also guarantors of this project.

Woman sweeping the road in front of a gas station in Port-au-Prince.

Women taking part in the Port-au-Prince clean-up initiative.

Women sitting on front stoop of a building in Port-au-Prince.

Volunteers chatting amongst themselves.

Volunteers sweeping the sidewalk of a Port-au-Prince street.

Water truck dropping water on a Port-au-Prince street so volunteers can clean the road.

Volunteers riding on a sanitation truck driving through Port-au-Prince’s streets.

One of the “Nap Bale” volunteers.

Volunteer cleaning a Port-au-Prince street.

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
May. 05, 2019

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