For four generations, the Gardere family has operated one of Haiti’s most famous exports — Rhum Barbancourt. The company was founded in 1862 by the late Thierry Gardere’s great-great uncle, Dupré Barbancourt, who moved to the Haiti from France the same year he founded the company, Take a look below for a glimpse behind the scenes of one of Haiti’s most famous brands.

Jean-Marc Gardere, whose family has operated Rhum Barbancourt for over a century.
Rum being distilled at the Rhum Barbancourt distillery.
Rum aging in barrels at the distillery.
Distillery worker supervising production.
Rhum Barbancourt distillery workers inspecting packaging.
Empty bottles on an assembly line that will soon be packaged with rum.
Workers inspecting packaged rum bottles.
Worker packaging boxes of rum for shipping.
Barbancourt rum aging in barrels.
Packaged bottles of Rhum Barbancourt.

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