Kodak Black has been arrested at the U.S. border.

TMZ reported early Thursday that Kodak was still in custody after a canceled Bostonshow, claiming he was arrested on weed and gun-related charges. Kodak and several other people were reportedly stopped by Customs Agents Wednesday, at which point Kodak is said to have been taken in on criminal possession of a weapon and misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges. He was entering the country from Canada at the time.

Wednesday night, Kodak’s show was reported as having been canceled for unknown reasons. At the time, it was said that even some members of Kodak’s team were not aware of why the show had been called off. Additionally, they were reportedly not immediately aware of Kodak’s situation ahead of his scheduled House of Blues set.

In a quick update to Thursday’s report, TMZ said that Kodak and two other people were entering at the Lewiston-Queenston International Bridge in a Cadillac Escalade at the time of the incident. Kodak is alleged to have been driving. A Glock 9mm was reportedly discovered inside the vehicle, though it was not claimed by anyone on the scene. A separate car, described in the report as a Porsche, held three other people and was also stopped. The driver of the Porsche is alleged to have admitted to carrying a pair of loaded handguns, with a third gun (as well as marijuana) ultimately discovered in the car’s trunk.

Kodak is currently in the middle of his Dying to Live Tour, which is next scheduled to hit Mashantucket, Connecticut Thursday night. At the time of this writing, it was unclear if additional dates would be affected by the reported arrest. Continue reading

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