Lapin confirmed as Haiti’s new prime minister

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise on Tuesday confirmed Jean-Michel Lapin in his post as the country’s new prime minister, just weeks after the Chamber of Deputies censured his predecessor’s six-month-old government. Continue reading

American Airlines Flights To Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Priced In The Thousands

Haiti travelers experienced sticker price shock this past week after seeing flights to the small island nation via American Airlines were priced in the thousands.

People took to Twitter to express their shock and frustration. One would-be passenger was quoted a ticket price of $1,748 for a coach fare from Miami to Port-au-Prince. While, another Haiti-bound hopeful was quoted at $3,000 for a round trip ticket from Miami to Port-au-Prince for a five day stay. Continue reading

3.6 Million Haitians Experience Food Insecurity

As a result of poor harvests over the past three years, the National Coordination of Food Security estimates about 3.6 million Haitians, or 700,000 households, are experiencing food insecurity, radio Television Metropole reports. Continue reading

Community Library Project in Cité Soleil Collects more than 114 Million Gourdes in 112 Weeks

Initiators of the community project “Konbit Solèy Leve” announced Thursday that more than 14 million gourdes, which is about $170,000 USD, has been collected to construct a modern community library in Cité Soleil. The project has also received 17,300 books that were donated by 5,000 Haitian and foreign donors.

“This movement symbolizes hope, love and sharing while projecting a positive image of the city. Our ambition is to reach more than 10,000 donors by allowing 10,000 people to participate in this great collective project in Cité Soleil because we want to mobilize all the actors of the national life, ” said Louino Robillard, one of the initiators of the movement, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Doctors and Residents of the State University Hospital of Haiti on Strike

Doctors and residents at the State University Hospital of Haiti went on strike on Thursday to protest against poor working conditions and the six months back pay they have yet to receive. The minister of public health and population met the residents yesterday to discuss their demands.

“After the general meeting, we will know if we must continue the strike or resume services,” said Clerford Michel, one of the residents. Continue reading

Magistrate Yves Martial Drops Charges Against Several Public Figures Involved in a Large Seizure of Firearms

Radio Television Caraïbes reports that Yves Martial, head of the public prosecutor’s office at the Court of Appeal of Gonaïves, demanded on Tuesday the reversal of the closing order concerning the investigation of the large seizure of firearms in Saint-Marc on Sept. 8, 2016. According to Martial, this decision made by Judge Dieunel Luméran has several irregularities. Because of that, he argued that there was not enough evidence to prosecute Godson Orelus, former head of the national police, Reginald Delva, former Minister of the Interior, André Jonas Vladimir Paraison, former head of the General Security of the National Palace and Sandra Thélusma. However Martial said he has enough charges and concordant clues to prosecute Ronald “Roro” Nelson accused of complicity in smuggling, criminal conspiracy and money laundering and Global Dynasty Corps directors, Jimmy Joseph, Junior Joël Joseph, Edouard Momplaisir and Charles Durand as authors and co-authors of contraband and money laundering. Continue reading

Political Party, Fusion says the Appointment of Jean Michel Lapin as the New Prime minister is Another Mistake

Jean Michel Lapin as new prime minister of Haiti to replace Jean Henry Céant, is a second mistake of the president, said the political party Fusion of the Haitian social democrats. “The country has just lost six months with a prime minister, It was a total failure. The president did not learn of his first failure. He made the same political mistake a second time”, regrets political party Fusion, Alterpresse reports. Continue reading


Haitian migrants detained in Bahamas

Coral Harbour Base – A total of 40 migrants are being detained after they were apprehended in the southern Bahamas on Tuesday morning by members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Continue reading

health & science

Challenges Of Training Health Professionals In Haiti

Haiti stands “at a crossroads,” according to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet. The UN is winding down its peacekeeping presence in the country to focus on development efforts. Haiti’s urban and public health infrastructure was ravaged by a 2010 earthquake… Continue reading Continue reading

South Florida

‘Haitian Martin Luther King’ honored

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Jean Monestime and the County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, hosted a grand opening celebration for the Father Gerard Jean-Juste Community Center at Oak Grove Park on Friday, April 5. But the 20,000-square-foot facility does not measure up to the magnitude of the effect the priest has had on the lives of immigrants in the U.S. and Haitians on the island. Continue reading

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