UN human rights chief says Haiti stands ‘at the crossroads’

The UN’s human rights chief Michelle Bachelet says Haiti now stands at the crossroads between peacekeeping and development as the UN’s peacekeeping presence winds down. Continue reading

Police Officer Killed During Operation to Capture Haitian Gang Leader

Two people, including a police officer were killed during a failed attempt to capture reputed gang leader Arnel Joseph, yesterday.

No official report is provided but it appears that there was one death and one injury in the police and 1 death among the residents of the area.
The operation was carried out by officers of several units of the National Police of Haiti, supported by police officers of the United Nations mission, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Gas Shortage Force Port-au-Prince to Halt Garbage Collection

Alterpresse reports that the City of Port-au-Prince announces a temporary suspension of its garbage collection activities, because of a scarcity of petroleum products to fuel its trucks. The gasoline reserves of the town hall are exhausted. The municipal administration of Port-au-Prince intends to resume, its garbage collection activities, once gasoline is available. Continue reading

End of Peacekeeping mission in Haiti Discussed at the UN Security Council Meeting

Deputy General Secretary for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix told Wednesday at the UN Security Council meeting in New York, that the United Nations supports the wish of Haitian leaders to end the peacekeeping mission in Haiti and the wish that the Haitian authorities take full responsibility for the country’s security, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Another Group of Haitian Migrants from Chile back in Haiti

A new group of 176 Haitian migrants from Chile arrived on Wednesday in Haiti aboard a Boeing 767 of the Chilean army.
This is the seventh group of Haitian migrants who have agreed to be repatriated to their country as part of the Chilean Government’s “Voluntary and Orderly Humanitarian Return Plan” for immigrants, le National reports. Continue reading

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