EMBASSY OF HAITI IN WASHINGTON, DC – On the evening of April 2, 2019, the Embassy of Haiti for yet another year seized the People’s Choice Award at the 11th Annual Embassy Chef Challenge, represented by Chef Dimitri Lilavois. The global culinary event celebrates culinary diplomacy while providing a unique opportunity for the DC metropolitan community to taste authentic food and drinks from embassy chefs representing all regions of the world.

Chef Dimitri, who has prepared meals for the Mandela family and notable dignitaries throughout the world, is skilled at delivering exquisite creations. During the evening, he re-introduced Haitian gastronomy to the Washington community by preparing a traditional dish with a twist. The pumpkin soup surf and turf (topped with lobster, bacon, and sautéed beef) gained an overwhelming amount of support from the people as evidenced by the line that grew relentlessly throughout the evening. Not to forget the paired Haitian inspired fruit cocktail, uniquely named, Peyzan (Peasant), as a tribute to our historical and cultural legacy. Throughout the evening, guests were welcomed to a photo-op wearing Haitian straw hats to complement the experience.

“We wanted to not just offer food and drinks but create a Haitian experience particularly for those who have never visited the country, while simultaneously sharing a part of our history that many may not be familiar with. The pumpkin soup is a traditional dish with historical significance for Haitians. It is a symbol of our independence, a dish consumed shortly after gaining our independence from the French in 1804, when Haiti was then established as the first black republic in the world,” says a senior staff member during a conversation with an EventsDC reporter. Continue reading

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