U.N. is set to end peacekeeping in Haiti. Can the country’s police force do the job?

By all accounts, Haiti’s fledgling national police force is considered to be the United Nations’ one success story in the country following 15 years of peacekeeping. Continue reading

Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide Weighs in on Petrocaribe

Former president, Jean Bertrand Aristide said that officials should carry out a thorough investigation in the Petrocaribe case. Aristide added that a trial is inevitable to punish former officials if they are found guilty of squandering these funds. He also called for authorities to control the recent wave of violent and fatal incidents that have marred several poor areas in the capital, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haiti’s Trade Union Organizations Asking for 1,500 gourdes Minimum Wage

Alterpresse reports that trade union organizations, including the Haitian Workers ‘National Center and the Haitian Workers’ Renovation Syndicate, are asking for a 1,500 gourdes(Approx USD$19) minimum wage for workers.
These trade union organizations appreciate the vote of the Chamber of Deputies in favor of raising the minimum wage. On May 1st, they plan on organizing a march to demand better working conditions for workers. Continue reading

Gasoline is Scarce Once Again in Haiti

Petroleum products, diesel and gasoline, are out of stock in the country. A source close to the National Association of Petroleum Distributors said that a boat carrying diesel fuel is already in the terminal at Thor, Carrefour and that some gas station still have gasoline. At the same time, there is a boat of the Houston, TX based company, Novum that has been in the harbor for 30 days, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office Releases March Report

The Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office in Port-au-Prince released the report of cases it prosecuted last month. According to commissioner Paul Eronce Villard, 116 final indictments were turned in, 14 indictments received and 23 RIs. During this month, he says, the prosecution received 73 cases. 32 were dismissed, 31 transferred to the investigating office and 10 to the correctional courts, le National reports. Continue reading

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5 Haitian Desserts To Sample This Spring

Haitian food is known for its rich spices and flavors, but the cuisine also boasts its fair share of sweet delicacies. Here are some of the most popular Haitian desserts that have us craving a sugary treat. Continue reading

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