IDB won’t Disburse the $41 million as Promised

The Inter-American Development Bank has decided, for the time being, not to disburse the US $ 41 million grant for the construction of new buildings as part of the fifth phase of the plan to expand the Caracol industrial park, in the north.
According to Le Nouvelliste the cause of this decision is due to the bad management of the park. Safety and security problems, high cost of electricity, are among the problems, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Citizens’ Organization for a New Haiti Speaks on Persistent Human Rights Violations

Alterpresse reports that Citizens’ Organization for a new Haiti deplores the human rights violations that persist in the country.
State authorities have never developed a national budget, which can promote access to education, health and safety for the population. The country’s leaders need to be aware of the real impact that the constitutional prescriptions has on the lives of citizens, says the organization. Continue reading

Haitian Police Strengthen Presence at the Border

Le Nouvelliste reports that the National police have increased the number of officers at the border in the department of North-East. With completely renovated premises and equipment of all kinds funded by the United States and Canada, the border police, known as POLIFRONT, will better carry out its mission in the area.
“These friendly contributions valued at $3 million from the United States and Canada, reflects on the willingness of international partners to support the modernization of the national police so that it can play its role at the border” says Michel Ange Gedeon, general Director of the National Police of Haiti. Continue reading

Haiti: Accused Mayor Josué Alusma is Back

After about eleven months as a fugitive, and accused of the death of Mayor Tony Vernio on May 1, 2018, the Mayor of Port-de-Paix, Josué Alusma, is back.

“I respect the justice of my country which made clear my innocence in this case. An accident remains an accident. This decision of justice had not been influenced by me, because I was not present on the ground” said Alusma, noting that the Constitution gives him the right to continue to serve as elected mayor of Port-de-Paix, le National reports. Continue reading

Immigration & Migration

19-year-old Haitian man faces deportation, attorneys blame slow U.S. government bureaucracy

A 19-year old Haitian man who came to the U.S. seeking asylum could be deported soon. The U.S. government being slow to act could be part of the reason. Continue reading

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