It is time that the opposition understands that democracy is not to paralyze a country because you failed to win an election. Jovenel was elected with less than 10 percent of eligible voters. The opposition’s candidates were inept, inexperienced and mustered a weak fight during the campaign two years ago.

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

The other day, I tried to book a direct flight from New York to Port-au-Prince on Delta Airlines. To my surprise there were no direct flight available, especially since just a few months ago in December, Delta had launched a weekly direct one.

I contacted a friend in Haiti who works for the airline  to inquire about the situation and he texted back.

“Unfortunately yes… Level 4 travel warning is killing the business.” He added “… all these corrupt politicians putting us in this situation. It’s sad Garry.”

Level 4 travel warnings, in security parlance means,  DO NOT TRAVEL.


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