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Renowned Haitian Author to Hold Book Event at Brooklyn College, Syracuse University and More

Photo Credit : Leonora Baumann / MINUJUSTH

By Bianca Silva

Haitian author Frankétienne’s iconic novel, Dézafi, first published in Haitian Creole in 1975, explores the themes of oppression, rebellion and liberation wrapped within Haiti’s socio-political situation in the 1970s. The most notable plot is the tale of zombies working in plantations where the daughter of the plantation owner falls in love with a zombie and eventually becomes fully human. The zombies eventually gain the courage to revolt against their oppressor.

More than 40 years since its initial publication, Frankétienne, often known as the “father of Haitian letters,” is embarking on a book tour in honor of publication of the English translation of Dézafi. The author will be at Syracuse University on March 25 and 26 to discuss the novel and the reasons behind publishing an English version of it.


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Mar. 18, 2019