Haitian PM and 2 Ministers Expected in the Senate

Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant and the ministers of Justice and Interior are expected to testify in the Senate on March 20. Nine Senators have signed a request for interpellation of the head of government and his two ministers. This decision was made after a control session held with the Supreme Council of the National Police Tuesday on the case of the 7 foreigners arrested and transferred to the United States, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Gang Wars Create Tension in Port-au-Prince

For about a week, there has been intense tension in several neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince including Bicentenaire, Saline, Tokyo and Aviation. A gang war among heavily armed groups is responsible for a spate of recent killings. Corpses are spread on the roadway in a few places, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Port-au-Prince Ranks at the Bottom in Quality of Life Survey of Cities Worldwide

Port-au-Prince is ranked 228 out of 231 cities surveyed worldwide, according to Mercer’s latest ranking in 2019. The survey analyzes a series of criteria, from economic, political and social environment to the quality of public services and public transport, among many ithers, Le Nouvelliste writes. Continue reading

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