Jasmine Rose

By Delfine Kerizan

There is a beauty revolution occurring, and its latest battle is skin-deep.

When it comes to representation, the beauty industry as we know it is undergoing a serious overhaul. Diversity and inclusion have become the latest trends in social activism, and makeup, hair care and skin care brands are being forced to create products and marketing material that women (and men) of all colors and backgrounds can relate to.

Imagine walking into your favorite department store, or down your favorite cosmetics aisle, and seeing ads that feature a woman who looks just like you— brown skin, curly hair, full lips. Now take that level of representation even further, and imagine knowing you share a similar cultural background and upbringing as that woman.

Thanks to Ulta Beauty and beauty blogger Jasmine Rose, for many Haitian Americans this is more than just an exercise in imagination. It’s a reality.


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