Former Ambassador Paul Altidor (center). Photo credit: SR Photography


‘We Keep Marching,’ Recalled Ambassador Says At His Farewell Party

The Haitian Ambassador to the United States bid his post goodbye at the embassy following seven years in the position, but told The Haitian Times he would still be heavily involved with supporting Haiti. Continue reading

Haiti’s Public Electricity Company Deprived of Gov Subsidies

Haitian government officials said that the public electricity company will be deprived of the government subsidies within the next 3 year or so. The government is committed to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to eliminate this annual subsidy of 10 billion gourdes(about $160 millions usd) which could be used to help stimulate the economy, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Legislators to Grill Justice Minister Over Foreigners’ Release

Deputy Jean-Robert Bossé and fourteen other deputies signed a correspondence asking the President of the chamber to call on the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Jean Roudy Aly, to answer why he authorized the release of the 7 foreigners to the United states.
“By Wednesday to Thursday, we will have a date set for the interpellation of the Minister. His judgment won’t be easy as he is already part of other scandals,” said Bossé, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Dr William Pape Speaks on a Possible Cure for AIDS

While it seems that a cure was found to treat HIV / AIDS with a transplant. In Haiti, one of the first Haitian scientists to work on this disease, Dr. William Pape, closely follows the news and hopes that Haiti can be updated with the new advances. “The bone marrow transplant is a cumbersome and expensive procedure, it’s still not accessible to us, but there is reasons to keep hope,” he says.

Dr. Pape says that in 10 years, there will be something to definitively deal with AIDS and wish at the appropriate time to contribute like he did at the beginning of this epidemic in Haiti, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Uruguay Calls on OAS to Prioritize Haiti Crisis

Uruguayan government officials say that the Organization of American States should focus its attention to the unraveling political crisis brewing in Haiti.

While Uruguayan officials think the recent creation of the Inter-Haitian Dialogue Facilitation Committee is a good step, they say that the OAS should give priority to the political, social and economic crisis that Haiti is going through, le National reports. Continue reading

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