Questions Remain Unanswered About American Mercenaries Detained In Haiti. New Evidence Points To American-Owned Company Preble-Rish

Haitian police arrested seven Blackwater-like security contractors a few blocks from the country’s Central Bank. They claimed to be on a government mission, and had a cache of weapons. Four days later the United States “rescued” them. Continue reading

US Officials Silent About American Mercenaries Released To Their Custody Despite Hints Of Their Involvement

Since the return of the detained contractors, the US government has made no public remarks about the case. On Friday, Feb. 22, the State Department held an informal telephone briefing for members of Congress and staff interested in the case. In response to questions about details concerning the Americans or what the group was doing in Haiti, the official on the call apparently provided no specifics. But those questions are unlikely to stop. Continue reading

International Monetary Fund Gives Loan to Haiti

International Monetary Fund grants Haiti a loan of $USD 229 million at 0% interest, to be repaid in three years so the government can reduce extreme poverty, encourage good governance, boost growth and stabilize the country’s economic situation, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haitian PM Renewed his Call for Dialogue

Alterpresse reports that Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant renewed his call for dialogue to the opposition sectors to end the crisis.
“Because of the current situation, many people leave the country. It can not continue this way. We must hear and dialogue to avoid killing tourism in Haiti “, he said. Continue reading

Opposition Leader Urges Haitians to Protest New UN Mission

Moise Jean Charles, leader of the political opposition, rejects the next UN mission that will be installed in Haiti in October. According to him, the various missions of the UN did not bring anything to Haiti. Jean Charles urges the community to protest against the presence of a new UN political mission in the country, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Haitian Athletes in Dubai for Special Olympics

A team of Haitian athletes left the country last week for the United Arab Emirates to participate in the Special Olympics games being held in that country. The group consisted of sixteen athletes and 6 companions arrived in Dubai a week before games starts.
From March 14 to 21, Haiti will compete in soccer and horseback riding in Dubai, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs of Haiti on Women’s Rights Day

About 30 women took part in a two-day training program to bolster women entrepreneurs in Saint-Marc. The workshop was designed to enable women entrepreneurs to plan, launch, manage and grow their businesses. The program consisted of conferences, debates, training sessions and distribution of household kits, le National reports. Continue reading


Digicel seeks to dismiss US lawsuit over Haitian tax allegations

US-based lawyers for Digicel, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands telecoms company owned by Denis O’Brien, want a court to dismiss a complaint by US-based Haitian emigrants who accuse it of being part of a “conspiracy” to divert taxes on telephone calls. Digicel has strongly denied any wrongdoing. Continue reading

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