Haiti: Former Deputy Arrested by Police in Drug Possession Charges

Agents of the specialized unit of the Border Police arrested Jean Fenel Tanis, former deputy of Les Cayes / Île à Vache, for the illegal possession and trafficking of narcotics.
Border Police officers intercepted the vehicle Tanis and two others were in and found 9 bags containing marijuana evaluated at more than 400 kilograms, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Pen Center Haiti Expresses Support to Local Journalists

Alterpresse reports that Pen Center Haiti expresses its solidarity with press workers who are victims of insecurity, police brutality while doing their job. The center supports all journalists who are victims of violent aggression and repression, both in Port-au-Prince and in provincial towns during demonstrations. Continue reading

Haiti: Fort-Liberté’s First Festival of Sea and Fishing Set for March 16

National Association of Haitian Fishermen will organize on March 16th the first Festival of Sea and Fishing in Fort-Liberté. According to the organizers, this festival will revolve around three main axes which are training, promotion and capacity building, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Jean Henry Céant Met with Artibonite Farmers

As part of the project to boost national production, Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant, met with farmers in the Artibonite Valley, in Estère, last Sunday. Farmers were angered by the government’s decision to subsidize imported rice prices.
During the meeting, Ceant promised to give rice farmers in the region about 50,000 bags of fertilizer and to consider other measures to boost the production of rice, le National reports. Continue reading

UN Chief Says Haiti Police Mission Should Close As Planned

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is recommending that a UN police force deployed in Haiti end its mission in October as planned, despite weeks of violent protests, according to a report seen by AFP on Wednesday. Continue reading

Warped Lens

Diaspora Need to Rethink Insane Haiti Strategy

However, he missed the salient point that if this money wasn’t sent, the burden would fall squarely on the shoulders of the government and we all know that President Jovenel Moise’s weak shoulders are unable to handle the country’s needs even with that aid. Without it, Moise’s  shoulders would break apart and the country would plunge into even deeper chaos than it is now experiencing. Continue reading

Haitians In America

Haitians in America: Singer-Songwriter finds her stride through music

For Mikaelle Aimee Cartright, music is the vessel that gives her purpose. The Haitian-born singer was exposed to music from a young age through her parents, who are both ministers and encouraged her to learn to sing and pick up instruments. These days, she’s residing in Jersey City, New Jersey where she moonlights as a bartender at Harry’s Daughter when not performing.  Continue reading

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