Haiti: Lavalas Political Party Present its Proposal to End Crisis

Le National reports that Lavalas political party, presented a set of recommendations it hopes can end the political crisis in the country. The party’s leader has not spoken out publicly. Continue reading

Haiti: Gabriel Fortuné Calls on P.M and Government to Resign

Les Cayes mayor, Gabriel Fortune is recommending that the Prime Minister and his cabinet resign as a solution to end the political impasse.
Fortuné urges president Jovenel Moise to convene a council of ministers at the the palace during which he will inform the Prime Minister that he no longer has trust in him and demand their resignation, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haiti: Senator Youri Latortue Gives Ultimatum to the Government

Even if he considers that the intention is good, Senator Youri Latortue denounced the decision to grant tax exemptions to four importers of rice to lower the price of this product in the market.
Latortue warns of unrests in the Artibonite if demands for subsidies on fertilizers and seeds and the resumption of pipe cleaning work, are not met, radio Metropole reports.

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