By Garry Pierre-Pierre We in the Haitian Diaspora have been oh so proud of the fact that we send roughly $2 billion a year in remittances we send to friends and relatives back home to our perpetually politically-troubled homeland. I’m sorry to inform you that those in power in Haiti couldn’t care less. This was made clear to me a couple years ago during a conversation with a top aide of a social democrat candidate. The man told me that all of that money goes right back out of the country because it is spent to buy goods like food, which is imported. “You’re helping your family and not the government,” he said adding another zinger thinking he was deflating me. To be sure, social democrats are supposed to be the progressives, the good guys.   I said nothing in response because after more than two decades of reporting and following events in Haiti, I’ve learned it can be a colossal waste of precious breath to try to argue with most of these types. Nothing comes out of it because they really don’t know what they don’t know, and even if you bring some logic, it would be dismissed. Their last resort is the ever, “This is Haiti, you don’t understand.” But my guy was right in one fundamental point. The money that we send to Haiti is whisked out immediately. But the reason is that Haiti doesn’t produce enough to feed itself so it imports everything. So instead of finding a way to produce food, Haitian leaders are focusing their efforts on developing tourism. As such they dismiss the largess of the Diaspora. TO READ FULL STORY Sign in to your account. Haitian Times’ Subscription, Billed Monthly Haitian Times’ Subscription, Billed Yearly One month access