Luan Candido: “The New Marcelo”

Juventus has been very active in south America lately, searching for new talents or for the next big thing and it seems they have found it.

His name is Luan Candido and he is considered as Marcelo’s heir.

He combines speed, pace, and good attacking skills and he made his way to palmeiras first team after passing all the steps of youth academy.

Juventus would like to buy the player but it is a complicated move because Palmeiras only own 80% of the player’s right, the left 20% belongs to Man city who has a buying option on the player.

Barcelona is also interested and already proposed Palmeiras €40M for Candido and central defender vitao and represent a big obstacle for Juventus.

Juve wants Luan but having him on the squad next season won’t be easy. Continue reading



Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Mar. 05, 2019

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