March for Justice Called For Jean Laurent Deslances

Le National reports that University of Notre Dame of Haiti (UNDH) is organizing a demonstration to demand justice for Jean Laurent Deslances, a student who was fatally shot by law enforcement officials.
Deslances,20 years, is a second-year student at the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences of UNDH was shot dead along with two other young people as they were coming from the university.  Continue reading

Water Shortages at the Hospital of the State University of Haiti

Le Nouvelliste reports Hospital of the State University of Haiti is currently facing a water problem. The emergency department as well as the operating room can not be function because they are not sanitized.
Surgical procedures are canceled due to this problem and new patients were unable to receive treatment on Monday. As for equipment and medicines, the hospital does not have enough. Continue reading

Dominicans Banned Sale of Petroleum Products to Haitians

Since the beginning of the gasoline crisis, a gallon of gasoline has been sold for a $13 USD at some small retailers and $11 USD to $12 USD at others. Despite this rise in the price of gasoline, this product is becoming increasingly rare on the local market. Because of this problem, Haitians go to Dominican territory to buy gas.
Dominicans, to protect their reserve, banned the sale of petroleum products to Haitians at gas stations in the Dominican Republic. Dominican border security forces are mobilizing along the northern Haitian-Dominican border to prevent the entry of suspected Haitian vehicles that are coming to buy fuel, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Network of Engineers and Scientists of Haiti Proposes a Solution to the Crisis

Alterpresse writes that the Network of Engineers and Scientists of Haiti has proposed to form a commission to work on the agenda of “a true inter-Haitian dialogue”. This commission should be made up of personalities who have no political affiliation and who are credible. Its mission would be to propose a way out of this crisis to the political protagonists.
The Network recommends that the opposition and the three state powers formally commit themselves to respect the work of this commission, the term of which will not exceed 90 days. Continue reading

Jean Henry Ceant says that the Foreigners Apprehended Came for him and the Parliament

Haitian Prime Minister, Jean Henry Céant, says that the seven foreigners, heavily armed apprehended earlier this week, formed a conspiracy against him in an interview with CNN. Céant said that they did not intend to attack the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Haiti officials to lose perks in PM’s response to violent unrest

Government officials in Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries, will lose their perks under emergency economic and anti-corruption measures announced Saturday by Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant after days of deadly protests.

The unrest is the latest upsurge of discontent over corruption and poverty in the Caribbean half-island, where protesters want the ouster of President Jovenel Moise. Continue reading

How The U.S. Is Strangling Haiti As It Attempts Regime Change In Venezuela

Last year, in October, Haitians followed two Twitter hashtags that went viral—#PetrocaribeChallenge and #KotKobPetwoKaribea. If you are not Haitian and do not follow Haitian politics carefully, you can be forgiven for not noticing this development. The complaint on Twitter—and soon on the streets—was simple: what has happened to the billions of U.S. dollars that was in the Venezuelan-financed Petrocaribe program? Continue reading

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