Is Haiti Ungovernable?

The opposition parties exists only in name and they are plentiful. But we don’t hear much about their plans and their vision for the country, even during elections. The attitude is “give me the power and I will show you.” That is warped logic and it has gotten us anything but warped reality. Continue reading

Haiti: Student Wrongly Arrested During Protest

A student who was wrongly arrested during the protests last week has been released and taken to the hospital for treatment.
The student, Chesny Cenat was apprehended inside the University of Artibonite as protestors had set up a fiery barricade in front of the university, le National reports. Continue reading

Haiti officials to lose perks in prime minister’s response to violent unrest

Government officials in Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries, will lose their perks under emergency economic and anti-corruption measures announced Saturday, February 17, by Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant after days of deadly protests. Continue reading

For Haitians, a reprieve from violence and protests on Sunday, but uncertainty remains

After more than a week of hunkering down, Haitians got a reprieve Sunday from the violence and protests that have rocked the country since Feb. 7.

But for Haitians life remained filled with anxiety and uncertainty as they wondered whether the worst had passed, or yet to come as many spent the day waiting in lines. They were waiting for water, for bread, for propane gas, for remittances. Continue reading

Haiti’s political crisis disrupts economy and day-to-day life

People anxiously search for clean water, have no money to buy food, and blocked roads hinder movement.

Protesters in Haiti say they won’t back down until President Jovenel Moise resigns. Continue reading

Haiti: Hospitals Faces serious Shortages of Necessities

Hospitals and health centers in the metropolitan area and in provincial towns have been out of oxygen for several days. The raw material needed to manufacture this essential element for hospitals is blocked at the port of Lafiteau because of the social unrests.

Bernard Chauvet, head of Industrial Dynamics, the company that produces oxygen,has asked the authorities to do everything possible to avoid unnecessary loss of life.

Other than oxygen, hospitals also face serious shortages in terms of inputs, fuel, water and personnel, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Education Ministry Urges Schools to Reopen

After more than a week without classes, the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training has asked that protestors stop their activities so children can return to school, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Haitian Prime Minister Reduces Cost of Rice

Prime Minister Jean Henry Céant announces a 30% drop in the price of rice. The price of the small pot of rice will go from 50 to 35 gourdes (0.625 cent to 0.4375 cent), said Céant referring to rice imported from the United States in particular.

Céant assured that other products will also be subsidized to rapidly improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable segments of the population, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading

Hispaniola Rising: How The US Coup In Venezuela Is Taking Root In Haiti And The Dominican Republic

For more than a decade Venezuela has aided the governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic through a preferential system known as Petrocaribe, and the people of those nations are not taking their governments’ support for the US coup in Venezuela lightly. Continue reading

U.S. Urges Haiti To `Protect’ Democracy After Violent Protests

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton urged Haitian officials and politicians to “respect and protect their democracy” in a Twitter post that follows escalating unrest in the Caribbean nation.

Bolton said he’d met on Friday with Foreign Minister Edmond Bocchit to express U.S. support for Haiti. Continue reading

Haiti’s President Defies Violent Protests, Will Not Step Down

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise struck a combative note on Thursday in his first address since violent protests flared in the capital, defying calls for his ouster but urging dialogue to address soaring inflation and alleged misuse of funds.

Thousands of demonstrators have been calling for days for Moise to resign and for an independent probe into the whereabouts of funds from the PetroCaribe agreement, an alliance between Caribbean countries and Venezuela. Continue reading


Helicopter carries Alberta missionaries to Port-au-Prince airport as aid workers find way out of Haiti

A group of 24 missionaries from Alberta has arrived safely at the Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti and is scheduled to fly out of the country Saturday afternoon.

Working for the aid group Haiti Arise, the missionaries had been stranded for several days at their compound near Grand Goave, about 65 kilometres west of the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Continue reading

Health & Science

No medicines, records or equipment: Haiti hospital struggles during protests

The languid whack of a ceiling fan stirs the heat around the Intensive Care Unit. It’s the only sound on the ward. Because there is none of the life-saving equipment an ICU should have.

A solitary oxygen cylinder is the only object that separates the modern scene from the medieval. Continue reading

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