January 30, 2019-Ruth Jean Marie speaks to the crowd on mental health and mindfulness methods to tackle trauma. Photo credit: Bianca Silva

Health & Science

Kreyol Edition Listening Session Seeks To End Mental Health Stigma In Haitian Community

The Center for Health Equity held a listening session on Jan. 30 at Brooklyn Borough Hall in an attempt to engage the Haitian community by speaking on a taboo topic: mental health.

Titled Kreyol Edition: ‘I Hear You Brother, I Hear You Sister,’ the sessions-two offered in English and two in Haitian Creole, allowed the opportunity for people to take the first step in confronting their trauma in a safe, non-judgmental space. Continue reading

Beauty & Style

Haitians in America: Boutique owner brings style and flair to West Hempstead

When Sagine Pierre realized she possessed a flair for fashion after noticing people would compliment on her outfits, she decided to do something with her talent. Continue reading


Another protester killed in Haiti unrest

Violent clashes between police and demonstrators in Haiti left one person dead Wednesday and raised the death toll in a week of unrest to seven.

A young man was shot and killed in Port au Prince in the afternoon not far from the presidential complex, which was guarded police equipped with tear gas, an AFP journalist observed. Continue reading

Media Associations Condemn Attacks on Journalists in Haiti

National Association of Haitian Media, Association of Independent Media of Haiti and Association of Haitian Journalists criticize the excesses of violence, by protesters and the National Police during the latest protests.
Journalist Robenson Sanon was shot and wounded on Wednesday, while working. Protesters hit journalists, damaged press vehicles, tried to seize journalists’ equipments. Police agents threatened journalists, Haitian National Television was attacked, equipment got burned.
These actions are not in line with democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression and the freedom of the press, Alterpresse reports. Continue reading

Canadian Government Asking its Citizens to Avoid Non-essential Travel to Haiti

Because of the violent demonstrations that have shaken Haiti for several days, Ottawa is asking its citizens to avoid any non-essential travel in the country while about 100 Quebecers are currently stuck in Port-au-Prince. “The life and safety of Quebecers, Canadians who are in Haiti is important, we are in constant discussion with the authorities and our embassy there,” said Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and Francophonie, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Calm Seems to be Restored in Southern Haiti

After eight days of intense protests tensions appeared to be easing as roads are unblocked for vehicular traffic. Les Cayes was more accessible yesterday.
However, the banks and most stores remained closed for fear that the movement will resume spontaneously. Gas stations are also closed, Le National teports. Continue reading

President Jovenel Moise Addresses the Nation after 8 days of Protests

President Jovenel Moise addresses the nation after 8 days of protests. He has been silent and finally spoke yesterday in a short address. President Moise praised the police response and said that he hears the people’s demands.
But he did not stepped down as many of the protestors had hoped. They blame Moise for the economic hardship the country is facing, radio Television Caraibes reports. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Haiti’s explosive Rite of Spring: from pagan Russia to vodou ritual

Since its infamous premiere in 1913, there have been many reimaginings of the Nijinsky/Stravinsky ballet The Rite of Spring, but never before as a vodou initiation ceremony. Forget sticking pins in dolls and other horror-film cliches, vodou – not voodoo, note – is “a religion like any other”, says choreographer Jeanguy Saintus, a practising vodouist and the man who powers contemporary dance in Haiti with his company Ayikodans. Continue reading

Beside a vast graveyard, a new city raises in Haiti

Approaching Titanyen from afar, the land’s unassuming beauty seems to overshadow its morbid past. Rough hills patched with grass are set against a backdrop of jagged mountains. Across from them lie the dark waters of the Caribbean Sea. In between, on a long-deserted stretch of land, a new city is taking shape. Continue reading

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