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US Deplores Haiti Violence

The United States has expressed concern about the violent protests that have swept Haiti.

“We support the right of all people to demand a democratic and transparent government and to hold their government leaders accountable,” a State Department spokesperson for Western Hemisphere Affairs told VOA, “but there is no excuse for violence. Violence leads to instability, less investment, and fewer jobs.”

The comment comes after a 6th day of protests crippled the capital, Port-au-Prince and cities nationwide. At least one death was reported and there was looting and damage to businesses and cars.

Late Tuesday, a building that houses the Consulate of the Embassy of Peru and offices of the Embassy of Italy were broken into. A VOA Creole reporter who toured the facility after the incident saw a bullet casing on a stairway as well as overturned furniture and damaged office equipment.

Protesters have taken to the streets daily since February 7 to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, whom they hold responsible for what they consider to be deplorable living conditions.

“There’s nothing more for Jovenel to do in the country except for resigning to avoid a blood bath,” lawyer Nathanael Lerine told VOA Creole in the southern city of Jacmel. “There is no place for Jovenel in the country anymore. All he does is lie. We need electricity 24/7. We need food on our tables instead of a leader who is lining his own pockets with cash. Inflation is rising— we’ve reached 100 Haitian Gourdes to the American dollar. Jovel has to go!”

Protesters are also demanding transparency from the government regarding the alleged misuse of $3.8 billion. The money, due to Haiti under the PetroCaribe oil alliances signed between Venezuela and Caribbean nations starting in June 2005, had been earmarked for infrastructure and social and economic projects. Continue reading

Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
Feb. 13, 2019

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  1. Tim Brennan says:

    I just left Haiti and have been there many times. The Haitian people are hard working and ingenious but IMHO even knowing all the historical roots the number one problem is corruption. When I first went to Haiti it was to work for a US for profit construction company and I ended up quitting over their treatment of the Haitian workers among other things but while there I had to pay bribes to get the material in. I was the purchasing agent on a 400 million dollar project in the US the thought of paying a bribe or accepting a kickback never crossed my mind . The Haitian customs officials were extremely nice about the bribes and explained that the government had not paid them for two years and their families had to eat. That I understood. But including the US company I was working for paying for work preformed is an issue in Haiti . There were times I made payroll out of my pocket because I didnt have the balls to tell a guy living under a tarp who was making $10 a day on payday to come back tomorrow. Its the norm there . Safety standards are non existent there I did what I could but payday is goddamn payday . Still pisses me off. That goes for civil servants too.Then there is the cause of the current strife. After the quake the vast majority of the “pledged” aid was never delivered and what was was stolen ,,,not just by the Haitian government . Very little made it to the people. I am no fan of Maduro in Venezuela the socialists have turned the country with the largest proven oil reserves in the world into a hell hole currently far worse than Haiti but they were very generous with Caribbean counties including Haiti. When Venezuela said it could no longer provide that aid it caused fuel prices to double overnight. That was a problem made far worse by the governments response . There were still Billions of dollars left in the Petrocarib fund that was to be used to continue the fuel subsides so they could slowly raise the prices easing the shock ….but it turns out the billions were stolen. That has been all the government has said ….its gone!!!! With no other explanation. I am angry too . I understand the anger but not the violence riots arson and looting help no one. On a side note I have always known the Haitian like Americans but I never wanted to put it to the test but I did on Sunday February 10 2019. I was in Delmas 5 and needed to go to the airport my Haitian friends thought it was safe enough for me to go to the airport…it wasnt. I was caught in a riot. We came to a barricade as as rocks came flying in and tires burning in the streets one of my Haitian friends Lionel….thank you thank you Lionel… flew out of the car before I had a chance to stop him and ran up to the barricade to tell them there was an american in the car on the way to the airport and I just wanted to go home. They immediately removed the burning tires took down a section of the barricade and with with smiles and waves allowed us to pass then just as fast re erected the barricades. I have to say I shit a brick LOL.With all of Haiti’s other problems they are a good and decent people but I do have to say a large portion of the blame is the fault of the Haitian people . They will not work together . There is much EVERYONE agrees on Ronald Reagan once said my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy but that is not how Haitian politics work. One faction will not work with another even if they have the same goal on a particular issue. The politicians have defiantly used divide and conquer strategy resulting to the detriment to ALL. I agree with the righteous anger of the protests but not the violence. If the violent protesters win this will only ensure the next leaders will be violent . Haiti needs an MLK or Gandhi . This can not come from the outside and is far harder to achieve than organizing a riot . The vast majority of the good and decent people there united can not be stopped and to me that is the most depressing part . The majority of the good and decent people I talked to have given up on the idea that THEY are the change that is needed.

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