Haiti’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Proposes a Solution to Crisis.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called on the President, Prime Minister and Presidents of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies to hold a genuine and transparent inter-Haitian dialogue.

After this dialogue led by a council of wise men designated by the organized sectors, the participants, including the president, will have to make the commitment to respect the clauses that will come out. Then the findings of this national dialogue will be final and acceptable to all parties, le National reports. Continue reading

Prisoners Escaped from Civil Prison in Southern Haiti

Seventy eight prisoners of the civil prison of Aquin in the South of Haiti have escaped this Tuesday. They took advantage of the protests that were happening to escape.
Chief Inspector of the National Police said that an investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of this escape and set responsibilities, le Nouvelliste reports. Continue reading

Roman Catholic Bishops Addresses Haiti’s Situation

Alterpresse reports that the Roman Catholic bishops in Haiti are warning the political protagonists about the current difficult situation in the country. The Roman Catholic bishops appeal to the civic conscience of the different parties, with a view to a patriotic decision.
“This is the moment to join our forces and our intelligence to save our common boat, Haiti, that is our pride”, they said in a statement. Continue reading

Senators have Two Ways to Solve Haiti’s Political Crisis

Senators expresses divergent positions when it comes to the political crisis. A group of 12 senators recommend to Jovenel Moise to engage in a dialogue with all the forces of the nation in order to seek a way out of the crisis. Another group of 10 senators wants him to resign.
At this point, president Moïse can only count on the 12 members of the Senators Group for Political Balance as well as several PHTK members or a few allied parties, radio Metropole reports. Continue reading


Routine blackouts in Haiti symbolize a loss of political power for its citizens

Haiti’s public utility company just announced it’s reducing output again. The move comes after a series of blackouts throughout the country, some lasting weeks. The power outages are the result of a weeks-long fuel shortage that has led to fuel rationing and gas station closures as reserves run dry. Continue reading

Haiti Business Leaders Ask President To Break Gridlock After Another Day Of Violence

As “Operation lock down Haiti” marked its fifth day Monday, the country’s leading business chambers called on Haitian President Jovenel Moïse to come to the negotiating table in order to end violent demonstrations that have left at least eight people dead, a dozen injured and businesses pillaged and burned. Continue reading

Haiti And The Collapse Of A Political And Economic System

The following is a lightly edited compilation of a thread posted on Twitter by Jake Johnston, International Research Associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) and lead author of the Haiti: Relief and Reconstruction Watch blog. Continue reading

Haiti’s president mum as fear paralyses capital

The normally traffic-clogged streets were largely empty as schools, shops and municipal offices were shuttered for fear of more violence that has already left several people dead and an air of uncertainty hanging over the Government of President Jovenel Moise. Continue reading

A Young Duvalier and Haiti’s Unremembered Past

Nicolas Duvalier addressed a friendly crowd at the Ramada Inn in West Palm Beach, Florida, on November 10, 2018, where he appeared as a guest speaker in a dialogue on reconstruction in Haiti. The 35-year-old son of “Baby Doc” and grandson of “Papa Doc” Duvalier, together responsible for nearly three decades of authoritarian terror and brutal human rights abuses in Haiti up until 1986, offered views on the role of the diaspora in Haiti’s development to an audience of young Haitian Americans and nostalgic old Duvalierists. Most of them wanted to know if he will be running for president of Haiti in 2021. He acts like a candidate, but he dodged the question with a smile. Continue reading

Company Updates

Vania Andre Named Publisher of The Haitian Times

NEW YORK — HaitiNex Media Group today named Vania Andre publisher of the Haitian Times, replacing veteran journalist and founder Garry Pierre-Pierre. Andre will retain her title as editor in chief, while Pierre-Pierre will shift his attention to developing products that fall under the HaitiNex Media Group brand. Continue reading

Arts & Culture

Not Much Of Haiti Left In Port-Au-Prince Antique Shop

Jocelyne Hider talks about her life-long passion for antiques and why so few of the treasures she’s found are from Haiti. Continue reading

Sequined flags depict Haitian Vodou spirits in New Orleans

Fourteen beach-towel-sized flags covered in glittering sequins to evoke the Haitian Vodou spirits called “lwa” – each flag an explosion of color and light – hang in the Great Hall at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The exhibit of flags designed and created by Louisiana artist Tina Girouard and sequin artists in Haiti runs through June 16. It was timed to start during the season leading up to Mardi Gras to highlight New Orleans’ ties to Haiti. Continue reading

New York

After Unlikely Victory, Haitian American Frontus Starts Work In Coney Island Seat

The New York State Assembly began its legislative session earlier this month amid a flurry of excitement over the new crop of elected officials who are riding a large wave of Democratic politicians entering office. Since taking their seats, the Democrat-led assembly has passed a number of groundbreaking laws on issues ranging from abortion to elections. Continue reading

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