Warped Lens

Haiti’s Government Should Cut Carnival Budget

Kanaval 2018, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

Complicating the situation even more this year is that Moise declared a national emergency saying that Haiti is broke and cannot pay its bills and that hard currencies are in a severe shortage. If this was a household, the parents would take a serious and deep look at their finances and call it a day.

But in Haiti, carnival is the time when many people —  from elected officials, to carnival organizers to bands – have a chance to make some money without much of a trace or accountability.  Furthermore, Moise is one of the weakest presidents we’ve seen in a long time and that’s saying a lot considering the country has been led by a successive string of incompetent and corrupt leaders the last 25 years.


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Garry Pierre-Pierre

Garry Pierre-Pierre

Garry Pierre-Pierre is a Pulitzer Prize winning, multi-media and entrepreneurial journalist. Founder and publisher of Haitian Times.
Garry Pierre-Pierre
Feb. 10, 2019