Protesters Take To Haiti’s Streets Once Again, A Timeline

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Port-au-Prince on Feb. 7 to condemn corruption in the government and to call for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. Continue reading 

Jovenel Moise Reported on Tuesday New Provisions to Combat High Living Costs
At a special Council of Ministers devoted to this issue, the government adopted a resolution declaring economic emergency throughout the country. Jean Henry Céant, announced subsidies on a range of products deemed everyday necessities. The move looks to provide assistance to vulnerable populations in the country that are most severely impacted by a rise in food and product prices in the country. Continue reading
Haiti: Political Party Denounces Lack of Fuel in the Country
The Haitian Social Democrats are criticizing the persistent unavailability of fuel at gas pumps throughout the country, despite claims from the government that provisions have been made to provide more fuel.
“The people want solutions, not explanations, We’re tired!, and as leaders you have to tell us when there will be fuel and electricity,” said representatives. Continue reading
Stores, Markets and Gas Stations Closes their Doors in the City of Les Cayes on the South of Haiti
Several southern entrepreneurs temporarily closed their doors from Feb. 5 to Feb. 8 in Les Cayes after an important meeting held about the economic crisis of the country. More than thirty stores, markets, and gas stations took part in this temporary strike to show their disapproval of price increases for basic necessities in the country. The businesses are scheduled to reopen on Saturday. Continue reading
18 Bakeries Temporarily Closed in Jacmel
Eighteen bakery owners temporarily closed the doors of their businesses, due to an increase in prices for key ingredients, such as flour, used to produce bread. The owners of the bakeries are all calling for the departure of Jovenel Moïse. Continue reading
President Jovenel Moise’s Companies Involved in the PetroCaribe Case
Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation has released its first partial audit report on the management of Petrocaribe funds. Several personalities, including the current president, are involved in the squandering of the fund that was to be used to develop the country. Two companies of Jovenel Moise, Agritrans and Cophener S.A., are indexed in the report.
These companies have received money from the Petrocaribe fund for unfinished work to date. No record of these projects have been provided, let alone an evaluation of their effectiveness. Agritrans, known to the public as being an organic banana production company, but never as a construction company is in this indexed report for the unfinished construction of a stretch of road linking Borgne and Petit Bourg de Borgne. Continue reading
Haitians in America
Haitians In America: Creole Food Festival Creator Speaks On His Favorite Haitian Dishes And Desire To Bring New Kinds Of Cuisine To The People

Fabrice Armand wears many hats. He’s worked as a marketer and now works as an entrepreneur. Of his many ventures, the one that’s more notable is the Creole Food Festival. The second edition of the festival will be held at the DL in New York City on April 27.

Armand speaks with The Haitian Times on his love for culture and what to expect in this year’s food festival. Continue reading

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